• PharmaNEXT - Pharmaceutical Industry, Technology and Ingredients Exhibition

    PharmaNEXT - Pharmaceutical Industry, Technology and Ingredients Exhibition

    17 April 2019, Wednesday

    ICEC-Lütfi Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı – İstanbul

Innovation, Know-how And Effective Trade In Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology...

From active ingredients and components to finished products and formulations; from industrial equipment and technology to production processes and services in the pharmaceutical industry... All experts of producing technology, equipment and services in the pharmaceutical industry are coming together at the innovative fair and conference in Turkey. The pharmaceutical industry will face industry experts with the most advanced know-how and applications, from basic research and development activities to the latest products manufactured by advanced technology. Experts and institutions will showcase their advanced technology and know-how through various exhibitions, events and presentations.

With the concept of 'Life Science Fairs', PharmaNEXT comes up against the BIO industry with three simultaneous organizations:
NutriVISION - Nutraceutical Industry Exhibition
Cleanroom - Cleanroom Industry Exhibition
Analytech - Analysis and Laboratory Technology Exhibition
Biotecnica - Biotechnology and Life Science Industry Exhibition

We are inviting you to take your place in the sector activity where this area will have an important network function.

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